National Museum of Singapore

If I want to start documenting my travels + art findings, why not start from my home city Singapore.

I went to National Museum of Singapore for a meeting with a client at the restaurant inside the museum and decided to pay a visit to the exhibitions after the meeting.

Most of the exhibits are vintage, which is cool! I learned so much about Singapore’s history, particularly on how the architectural development and design has evolved overtime.

I still can relate too most of the vintage displays. My grandma used to burn one of these mosquito coils every night. I can’t believe they are such a period piece now.

Even these soft drink glass bottles! So many nostalgias.

I used to sit on a woven rattan chair that looked exactly like this in my grandma’s house. My great grandpa used to sit there while reading newspaper in the morning, exactly just how they displayed it here.

I really enjoyed looking back at the past more than anything in this museum, but there are also modern presentation of futuristic Singapore. Everything here is worth checking out if you are interested to learn about history.

Till my next post.

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