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Hot Air Balloon in Yarra Valley

Hot air balloon has always been magical to me. Just think about it, you are inside a cute little basket tied to a giant ballon soaring aimlessly up in the sky? Even the idea of it sounds surreal!

I visited Melbourne last April and while in there, I booked my first hot air ballooning adventure with Global Ballooning in Yarra Valley.

It was a sunrise flight so I had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning at around 2 am. It took about 1 hour drive from Melbourne CBD to the launch site in Yarra Valley, and another hour to assist with the set up and inflation of the balloon.

It was Autumn in Australia at that time and by the time we started flying, the sun had not yet risen so it was bitterly cold. But since the scenery was super amazing, it was worth freezing for.

I was at the corner of the basket the whole flight. At first it was pretty scary, especially if you’re someone with a slight acrophobia like me. But surprisingly, as the balloon flew higher and higher, I slowly felt less and less concerned of the height. My balloon flew at over 2,000 feet which is more than 600 metres!

The sunrise from a hot air balloon was spectacular. The view from up there is the reason why hot air balloon is such an extraordinary. It’s DEFINITELY NOT the same as seeing the earth from the airplane window. You literally going wherever the wind’s blowing you and at such pace that is just so soothing you wish it could take you up till the heaven. Okay, that’s a bit too much.

But with all the seriousness though, this picturesque vineyard is 100x more beautiful when you see it in person than from photos. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

After flying, we all helped packing up the balloon back to the car. Everyone needs to get involved because deflating such an enormous balloon is not a one or two persons’ job. But the experience was quite fun. And oh, did I mention how huge the balloon is? I asked a crew, he said the one we just rode is about 16 metres tall. That would be like stacking 10 of me standing on top of each other.

This was certainly one of the most unforgettable ride I’ve ever taken in my life so far.

Till my next adventure.


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