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DIY Soap at Innisfree Jeju House

Some time ago when I was travelling to Jeju Island, I visited Innisfree Jeju House and went in for their mini activity of making your own soap. It was my first soap-making experience and I really enjoyed moulding my own soap.

But before I start talking about the soap-making activity, let’s take a look at this fun premises with its cafe, shop and green tea plantation.

We started off our trip by having a treat in the cafe. The interior style of the building is minimalist and zen-like. It was the kind of decor that makes you want to relax and unwind, although there was a little crowd when we were there – but that only means the place is good!

I especially love the outdoor more because of the beautiful scenery. It was winter when I went there so even if the sun was out, the breeze was cool and relaxing. The combination of the clear blue sky and the lush greenery makes for a stunning backdrop. It was just the perfect day to be out all day wearing cute winter outfit without worrying of sweating a drop.

And then there’s this soap-making class that you can participate to add more fun to your trip. If you’re a fan of Korean cosmetic or maybe a fan of Innisfree products in particular, this could be an activity that you wouldn’t want to miss.

You are free to experiment with your soap as they provide everything for you, from the materials, tools, and also a thorough step by step tutorial. Once you’re done, you can bring your DIY soaps home with you.

Other than selling their products, they also provide stamping corner where you can custom your own card with the various unique stamps they provided for free.

This is the kind of place I wish to visit when I travel: pretty scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and most importantly, fun crafty activity!

Wishing you a bright and happy day.


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