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Sydney Helicopter Ride

Riding helicopter is not something I thought I would do in my life because I’m scared of height but I’m glad I did anyway.

I went to Sydney for my very first helicopter ride. It was a mix feeling experience because although I really enjoyed the view from up there, I got airsick. It was only a 30 minutes ride but seemed like a long time because I felt like throwing up the whole flight.

But looking back, the airsickness I endured was only a small price to pay. In return, I went home with the experience of seeing the beautiful scenery of Sydney while flying on an actual helicopter. It would have been a big regret if I decided to chicken out like I was about to minutes before the flight.

Can you tell that I was airsick?

Ironically, I didn’t get sick at all when I rode hot air balloon at 2,000 feet even though the helicopter was only flying at about 500 feet. I guess the unstable motion was the one making me ill rather than the height.

I’m glad the photos I took during the flight turned out okay despite the shaky ride.

This ride is one in a lifetime experience for me. I don’t think I would be willing to take another helicopter ride again in the future even though I genuinely treasured that moment.

Till my next adventure.


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