How I Make Animated GIFs

Recently I started making GIFs again. You know, the image that moves. Long ago, I used to make GIF because it’s so satisfying to see my drawings alive and move. But then life gets busy and I stop making it.

I decided to make GIFs again because I wanted to put unique animated stickers on my Instagram story. I made an account on Giphy and a few days ago my account became a verified account so now everyone can find and use my GIFs!

To be honest, I didn’t have any expectation at all when I decided to apply for a verified account. I did it just for fun just so I can use my GIFs easily. I got accepted in about 10 mins after I applied which was quite surprising because I thought it would take at least a week. A few people have also reached out to me saying how they like my GIFs and it made me really happy to hear that. I even got over 20 MILLIONS views on Giphy in just less than 24 hours after being a verified account. If only I get a cookie for every view I get…

Anyway, among those who appreciated my GIFs, someone asked me how I actually make my GIFs. Well, the answer is… there’s really no magic involved. I just draw the animation frame by frame.

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how I make those animated GIFs. I use Procreate app on my iPad to make the GIFs from start to finish.

First, I draw the first frame. It usually starts with a spontaneous sketch, I just draw whatever comes to my mind at the time.

Then I lowered the opacity of the first frame and created a new layer on top. I draw the second frame with the first frame as a guide.

Continue drawing the next frames until the desired animation is achieved.

I check the animation by previewing it in the ‘setting icon > Share > Share Layers > Animated GIF’. This is also to adjust the suitable frames per second.

After the all drawings are drawn and the animation looks good, I colour the frame one by one.

Then I save it as animated GIF. To save it as sticker, don’t forget to check the option for ‘transparent background’.

And it’s done.

I make animated GIFs in my free time and the whole process usually takes about 30 minutes. My animation is also very simple and nothing fancy, it only consists of 4-6 frames.

Okay, hope this helps. Thank you again for reaching out.

Wishing you lots of cute GIFs.

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