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Goryokaku Park

During my short trip in Hakodate, I visited Goryokaku Park which is a huge star-shaped historical fort built in the last years of Edo Period (1940s). Since it had been snowing all night before, the snow has transformed the whole park into an endless field of white. It is like a view taken out of a painting!

I’m glad we bought those traction cleats before stepping down to this park because the icy ground is slippery.

I also went up to the Goryokaku observation tower to see the entire park from above. Mount Hakodate can also be seen from here alongside the panoramic view of the city.

I really wished I had more time in Hakodate and explore more places in this wonderful city. Sadly I only had 3 days to spend here and it’s obviously not enough.

Till my next post.


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