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Christmas Eve in Sapporo

Continuing my previous post about the winter trip I had in Sapporo, I think this is the perfect time to reminisce this particular part of the trip because today is the 25th!

Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful time this Holiday season 🙂

Speaking of wonderful, there is really no other way to describe that one Christmas Eve I had in Sapporo. The night was loaded with tons of snow, yummy treats, sparkling lights and lots of toys!

We started off the evening visiting Shiori Koibito Park and Ishiya Chocolate Factory. As a fan of the biscuits, I had a great time tasting and shopping for Shiroi Koibito’s products as well as seeing the production lines in action.

As the sky getting darker, the lights on the buildings and the park are all lit up creating Christmasey atmosphere. It was snowing hard but we couldn’t bother because the view was just beautiful. And also because B likes eating ice cream in the cold winter, you know, cause the ice cream won’t ever ever melt.

Besides the pretty scenery outside, I enjoyed my trip to the vintage toys museum inside called Old-Style Children’s Toy Box. There are soooo many sentimental toys in this little museum. I‘m always fascinated by vintage stuff especially the ones I still can relate to.

My siblings and I used to have Norakuro alarm clock when we were kids. It sounded so annoying we always disturbed each other by playing it close to the ears of whoever woke up the latest. Ahh the good ol’ days!

After Shiroi Koibito Park, we went to Odori Park and walked to Former Hokkaido Government Office. Along the way we stopped at a curry restaurant for dinner and a little warm up.

From Former Hokkaido Government Office, we walked back to Odori Park to go to Sapporo TV Tower. I personally like visiting observation tower because, of course, the view from above is always spectacular.

I hope to go back to this very tower again next time in other seasons. I guess everything will be so different but yet equally gorgeous.

It was still early when we were done with the tower. We decided to spend some time in the park enjoying some more icy breeze. There was this one area in the park that made a lot of people slipped and fell in the snow.

We ended the night by doing mini shopping in the mall and taking kawaii picture in the photo booth machine just for fun.

It was indeed one blissful Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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