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My Little Studio Tour

It’s only a few hours left before we enter 2020. I cleaned my little home studio today because I want it to be pretty and neat when I wake up in the morning tomorrow. It’s a simple way to motivate myself for the New Year.

In case you are wondering, I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who works from home. I spent most of my time in this little room drawing and designing and just being creative. It’s kind of lonely sometimes working alone but I’m more focused and productive when I work solo.

I keep all of my old sketchbooks and notebooks. I just couldn’t throw it away even if it has been ages. I started drawing when I was little and my drawing styles has changed so many times over the years. Maybe I’ll have a tour of my old sketchbooks next time.

I have a cute little assistant that always follow me around and accompany me when I’m working but he only knows how to nap or distract me with squeaky balls so it’s kind of useless.

Can you believe yet another year has just passed and we are going to need a new calendar starting tomorrow? Speaking of calendar, I’m loving this 2020 Cabbit calendar that my friend Ellie from Seoul sent me. Cabbit is a character she created, it’s a cross of cat and rabbit. She designed and sends me Cabbit calendar almost every year. This year calendar’s theme is Korean traditional objects of old artworks.

I wish to create more and be more productive in this little studio next year. I hope you have a wonderful wrap-up of 2019.

Here’s to a year of blessing and beyond!


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