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Beitou Hot Spring

I visited Taipei last January, just a few days before the coronavirus outbreak made its presence known and caused global lockdown.

After being busy for while, here I am finally ready to start documenting every interesting finding I found and experienced during the trip. One of my favourite was visiting Beitou in the north of Taipei City.

Beitou is famous for its hot springs. The Thermal Valley (also known as Geothermal Hell Valley) is one of the must-visit landmark sights in Beitou. It is a natural jade-like hot spring lake covered with steaming sulfuric hot spring water. The place is very picturesque but visitors can’t take a plunge in this hot spring because the temperature of the water is boiling hot and very acidic.

There are plenty resorts around the area with hot spring pools and private hot spring tub inside the guests room for a relaxing bath. Or for a more affordable alternative, head over to Beitou Public Hot Spring.

This is the entrance to the Beitou Public Hot Spring. I didn’t go but if I had the time, I’d love to!

Other than the hot springs, Beitou is filled with interesting museums and parks. The Beitou Hot Spring Museum used to be a public hot spring bath in the past. The museum tells visitors about the history of Beitou hot springs and its developments.

There’s nothing better to help me recover than sitting in a relaxing hot spring water after a long day of exploring Beitou. Our resort has this cute little private hot spring tub just beside our room and I keep taking a dip whenever I had the chance. And since it was winter, the warm water temperature is just right and comfortable.

There are other interesting places I visited during my trip to Taiwan but I will leave it for next time while I’m trying to curate the photos.

Bye for now.


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