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Pinglin and Maokong

During my trip to Taipei, we visited Pinglin tea plantation and museum in New Taipei City as well as taking a ride on a gondola in Maokong. We also had a mini tea ceremony tasting out various local teas in a cute little tea house.

We booked a half day tour and started off early in the morning by visiting Pinglin Tea Plantation. The lush terraced tea plantation is really refreshing to look at! From there we could see the beautiful Thousand Island Lake and the stunning countryside landscape around it.

After exploring the tea plantation for a bit, we then visited Pinglin Tea Museum which is situated in the hills of Pinglin District, about 30 minutes car ride from the tea plantation. As usual, I love paying a visit to museums or exhibitions because it’s always fun to learn something new.

The museum tells all information you need to know about Taiwan tea, from the history to the aromas of a great array of teas. There are also many interesting installations and wall arts I spotted here.

I made a drawing of myself from the photo taken in this museum.

By the end of the tour, we had a mini tea ceremony in a small teahouse guided by local tea master. We were served variety of Taiwan’s teas. The most popular type, Pouchong tea, happens to be my favourite because it has a gentle aroma and light flavour.

Because it was a half-day tour, we had plenty of time to spare after the tea culture tour ended. We took MRT to Maokong and rode a gondola to see another natural greenery. When you are visiting Taipei and would like a little nature retreat from the city, Maokong is a great place to visit because it’s within a couple of train rides away.

We took a glass-bottom cabin a.k.a crystal cabin on our way back to the main station. They only have a few of such cabins so we waited a while for it to show up but it was worth the wait. It was scary at first but after a while I get used to it.

Another drawing of me inside the crystal cabin gondola 🙂

Looking back at these photos makes me feel nostalgic. Who would have thought COVID-19 would restrict the world and travel became such rarity. I know this sounds petty but once everything is back to normal, I’d definitely book a trip to see great outdoors again.



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