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Taipei Food Diary

I had a great time trying out variety of foods in Taipei that I decided to record them in this blog as a keepsake. With its abundance selection of night markets, street foods, restaurants and cafes to choose from, Taipei is definitely a must-visit destination for foodies.

Here are some of the highlight foods we enjoyed when we were in Taipei – from pretty cafes with aesthetic dishes to inexpensive-but-delicious snacks we found at night market.

Restaurant and Cafe-Hopping

Cafe-hopping is fun in Taipei. There are just so many cute cafes around the city with mouth-watering menu on display. It’s so hard to decide which cafes to visit in our short time but we managed to enjoy few yummy desserts from these instagrammable cafes.

Roji Monster Ice

Googly eyes on your dessert – what could be more adorable than that? This monster-themed cafe is cute and special. I love how they organise their ordering system by using card and stamps to choose your ice flavour and desired topping.

Alice is Coming

This Alice in Wonderland themed cafe is another charming eatery in the city. If you like Alice, you should definitely go and enjoy some of the unique Alice-inspired desserts and drinks from the menu.

hërs biströ

Would you look at that little tiger and rabbit resting on their backs on my mousse? This dessert is not only Instagram-worthy, but also very very yummy! But too bad the toppers are just for deco as they are not edible.

Amei Teahouse in Jiufen

This teahouse is famous for its similarity to the building in the anime Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. Although there are plenty of other teahouses in Jiufen, Amei teahouse is the first of its kind. This is the perfect place to enjoy some quality teas and other light refreshments with gorgeous views as the backdrop.

Fresh Milk Mochi in Tamsui

This is a must-try food to eat if you are visiting Tamsui. To eat this, you must first mix up your chewy mochi and cut it up into smaller bite-size pieces. I never knew eating mochi can be this fun!


Do you like curry? I do – so long as it is not spicy. I had non-spicy pumpkin curry here. This cafe is situated within a walking distance from Beitou train station. This is great place for a sweet treat as they also offer award-winning desserts.

Magic Curry in Ximending

This fusion curry restaurant serves its very own kind of curry and we found this place when we were strolling along the popular shopping district Ximending. This restaurant is located at 4th floor so if you can get a seat by the window, you will have the view of bustling shopping neighbourhood with its neon lights (at night) from above, which is quite cool!

Night Markets and Street Foods

If you are not into fancy cafes and don’t mind crowds, night market is the way to go. Or you can just get your food from the street food vendors that are scattered throughout the city.

I tried almost all sorts of different foods in some of the night markets and by far this flame-torched steak cubes in Raohe Night Market is my favourite, especially with sea salt seasoning on top. I did try to order another serving in different night market (in hope that it will taste equally good) but it just didn’t match up.

Bubble Tea

A Taipei trip is not complete without a cup of slushy bubble tea a.k.a boba. We had A LOT of bobas and other drinkable treats during our trip. It’s just very convenient as you can literally find beverage stalls everywhere here. It’s also fun to try out different brands and flavours while quenching thirst at the same time.

I believe these are just a fraction of the many tasty foods you can find in Taipei. My belly can only eat so much!

Yum Yum.


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