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A Night in Dotonbori

Yesterday when I backed up my camera roll to Google Photos, I stumbled upon these old pictures I took when I visited Osaka few years ago. It was just a quick visit to Dotonbori at night and I didn’t realise until today that the photos actually turned out pretty good. I decided to post them here in case it got forgotten.

This bustling district is so bright and colourful at night. The buildings are photogenic and it kind of brings this mix of modern/vintage/cute/anime-ish vibe for me.

It was jam-packed with tourists when I was there. And not only for the vibrant neon lights, the crowds were also filling the shops, restaurants, cafes and snacks stalls along the streets.

Although the Glico Running Man signboard is the most popular photo spot in Dotonbori, there are also plenty of other interesting stuff to see here. The streets are filled with cute shops and restaurants with amazing installations.

I LOVE spending time in discount stores like Don Quijote. I just LOVE finding out unique Japanese products that are sometimes weird and useful at the same time.

That trip to Osaka was brief but oh so sweet. I’d definitely love go back there again someday.



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