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Represent Magazine 2019

For a while I’ve been wanting to update this blog with my latest illustration work but I always come up with some excuses just to avoid the hassle of taking picture and curating the artworks. Sometimes it feels daunting just to think about making it looks presentable but I realise the more I postpone, the more the work get piled up.

For the past few years, I’ve been working with Think Tank Studio on one of their magazines, Represent. I’ve done so many illustrations and I think it will explode this page if I post all of them up so I selected some of my favourites from the previous year and I will keep the latest ones for the next post.

Represent 2019 issue 1: Stranger than Fiction

Represent 2019 issue 2: Larger than Life

Represent 2019 issue 3: Waste Not, Want Not

The illustration style and colour palette for Represent 2019 issues is playful and vibrant to make it appealing and more engaging for young readers. It was really fun working on these magazines.



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