Happy Halloween Week!

I’m still pretty bummed out for the fact that our annual Halloween celebration is cancelled in light of the social distancing measure for COVID-19. We don’t even put up any Halloween decorations in the house this year because what’s the point when no one is coming, huh. I’m hoping everything gets better soon, don’t want this pandemic takes away Christmas next!

Anyway, this is what happened in the studio this week:

I launched my very first newsletter where I provide free contents for those who join. For my first content, I uploaded this Halloween Pumpkin colouring page because… it’s Halloween week!

I plan on making new digital freebies on a regular basis; things like colouring pages, screen wallpapers, printable goodies, and many other downloadable stuff I can think of along the way. When you join my newsletter page, you will get informed whenever new content is published. Plus, you will get exclusive access to all freebies available.

You can check out the page here if you are interested. Let’s have fun and get creative together 🙂


One Reply to “Happy Halloween Week!”

  1. Hey Carolynn, just want to say that I love your work. I used to follow you on instagram before I deleted the app last month. I’m glad I found your blog here. You’re awesome!


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