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Teddy Bear in Jeju

I feel a little gloomy today so I went to Google Photos and found bunch of teddy bear pictures I took when I was in Jeju. Looking back at these adorable plushies cheer me up so I decided to select few pictures that I like and preserve them here.

I went to two teddy bear museums: Jeju Teddy Bear Museum and TESEUM. Although both have teddy bears as their main focus, each museum offers slightly different way of displaying their exhibits.

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

If you like seeing teddy bear while learning some good-to-know trivia along the way, this museum is a very fun place to visit as you get to see a lot of cute bears dressing up as famous characters and depicting scenes from notable events or places. However, most of the displays here are kept inside glass cases so it’s a little tricky if you want to take pictures of the bears because of the reflections on the case.


Instead of putting them inside glass cases, TESEUM is filled with “open-range” teddy bears. Visiting this museum is like going on safari but all the animals are soft and cuddly. This museum is more suitable for those who like to take picture of themselves as it has many interesting photo spots where you can strike a pose and get involved with the displays.

Now for a little fun fact about teddy bear:
‘arctophile’ is the correct term for a teddy bear collector.



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