80’s Aerobic Aesthetic

I just love occasionally searching for random interesting things from the past. Recently, I came across this Jane Fonda’s Workout video from 1982 on Youtube. Being the highest-selling VHS of all time, this home workout video was labeled as a true phenomenon in the fitness world. I didn’t exist in the 80’s but I always knew aerobic during that time was super trendy.

One thing that just can’t be separated from this trend was the outfits worn by those aerobic-junkies. I ended up watching more and more videos on Youtube and pinteresting the 80’s workout outfit images because I found those neon-bright, clashing outfit colours and prints paired up with the cheerful and insane fitness poses somehow oddly refreshing.

And naturally, after being inspired by something so much, I just had to draw them. For the past few months, I had only been using earth-like, slightly muted colours in my personal illustration but this time is an exception. I wanted to capture the hype and excitement of this retro workout so a richer and more saturated colour palette just make so much sense for these drawings.

I also turned the drawings into sticker sheet that is now up for sale on my Etsy shop.


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