The Office

I made these drawings of the characters from The Office a few months ago while I was in the middle of watching the show for the first time.

This show is such a comedy gold! I guess it is also one of the popular shows that has created the most memes. As a matter of fact, those memes are the reason as to why I’ve wanted to watch this for the longest time. I was excited when I found this show on Amazon Prime (as it is not available on Netflix Singapore) and decided to binge-watch it right away.

My drawing side by side with the actual casts:

Michael is my favourite character in this show. I cringed when I watched him in the first episodes but grow to like him eventually. And overall, I like The Office. I find it hilarious in many ways. The characters are silly and the jokes are often super childish, but still I think it’s one of the most entertaining comedy shows that I’ve ever watched.


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