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Life Lately

CUTE BEIGE OUTFIT sticker sheet I made back in March.

Life has been challenging lately but it has also been really good in many ways. I’ve been kept busy with what seems like a never ending avalanche of day-to-day surprises and responsibilities. With my unpredictable schedule, I couldn’t commit to work with clients on big projects and unfortunately it had forced me to reject few work offers that could have been exciting to do.

However, despite all that, I try my very very best to keep drawing at least for myself whenever I had the chance. Although it took me longer to complete anything these days but I’m still glad I managed to made some new sticker sheet designs to add to my Etsy shop.


That YELLOW FLORAL GIRL sticker sheet above, for example, took me 3 months to complete. I worked on it really really slow because by the end of the day, I just don’t have enough time (and energy) left to pick up my ipad and draw. But drawing these stickers is so therapeutic that it never feels like work for me.

With that being said, I also haven’t been creating any new contents for my newsletter. If you happen to have subscribed and are now waiting for freebies update these past few months, I’m really sorry for being so quiet! I won’t be able to continue providing new freebies regularly every month like I used to but I promise I will still have something new for you eventually (not sure when but I will!).

Now that I have a little time (and energy) back for myself, here’s to hoping I can be a little more productive for the remaining year ahead.



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