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Clothing Guide: JACKETS (Illustrated Fashion 101)

Drawing and studying about fashion is always so fun for me. Recently, I made another Illustrated Fashion 101 infographic about jackets and its vocabulary.

Let’s learn about basic fashion terms and lingos together here.

What is a jacket?

Jacket is a piece of outerwear clothing for the upper body, usually with a front opening, that ends on your waist or hips.

Jackets are typically shorter and lighter than coats, but there are many types of clothings that ride the lines between the two.

Now that you know what a jacket is, let’s start with the anatomy of a jacket.

There are many different parts of a jacket but not all jackets will have them. What is so fun about fashion is that, there are always room for variations!

Illustrated guide of different types of jackets and their names:

Do you know the names of all of them?

Pin this image for reference.

That’s it! I hope you find this post useful.

See you on my next fashion infographic 🙂



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