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GIF Stickers for HelloAdamsFamily

I can’t believe I haven’t yet shared these animated GIF stickers I did for HelloAdamsFamily on this blog. It is one of my favourite commissioned GIF projects so far.

Not only because the client was so much fun to work with, they also have the cutest ideas for the GIFs.

These are the first bunch of animated GIF stickers I created for them.

Few months after the first batch, they’re back with request to create another bunch because Liz, the mum, was expecting at that time and wanted to have some special stickers for it.

Besides their characters, I also made GIF stickers of Liz’s favourite items/props.

And then finally a few weeks after, they’re back once again to request for the latest bunch of stickers to welcome their newest family member.

Look at the GIF sticker for their cute house!

It’s such a joy drawing and animating this lovely family! I’m loving every bit of this project.

You can check their Giphy page here.



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