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Clothing Guide: DRESSES (Illustrated Fashion 101)

I’m excited to share with you another fashion infographic for Illustrated Fashion 101 series. Today let’s learn a little bit about dresses, the types and the names as well as the terms for its length.

What is a dress?

A dress is a piece of garment that covers the body and extends down over the legs, usually consisting of a one-piece bodice and skirt.

The length of a dress is measured from between the shoulder and neck to the lower edge of the dress. The dress length is sometimes also referred to as hemline, but hemline is most often measured from the floor and up instead.

Illustrated guide of different types of dresses and their names:

There are indeed many different types of dresses! Sometimes a dress can be a combination between two or more types. It can also be varied in lengths, necklines, sleeves, collars, or other details.

Pin this image for reference.

See you in my next fashion infographic.



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