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Tiger-Themed Birthday Card

Recently, I created a birthday card for my friend Ellie who lives in South Korea. We exchange gifts every year and I always include a card of her portrait illustration with different theme depending on the occasion of the year.

This year, because of the covid restrictions, I didn’t go out much. Instead of buying her gift from the malls like I always did every year, I bought her gift from an online shop and sent it directly from the shop itself. Because of that, I couldn’t add the customised card that I usually made for her. So I decided to make an e-card and send her the digital file.

I also animated the illustration a little bit to make it more interesting. The theme for the birthday card is tiger because this year is the year of the tiger according to the Lunar calendar.

My friend then printed the illustration and took a photo with it. By the way, the small character carrying balloons that she’s holding on the illustration is called Cabbit and it’s a character that she created herself. I always draw her with Cabbit because it feels more personalised that way.

I wonder what card should I draw for her next year gift?



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