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Christmas at Gardens by the Bay 2020

I’m officially on my self-given year end break starting this weekend until the New Year’s day. This means I don’t take work or other commissioned projects during this period. I’m giving myself a break because I need some time off to relax and rejuvenate, and reflect on a lot of things. But my Etsy shop is still up and running as usual because I don’t travel and can still manage to fulfil orders in daily basis.

On my first day off, I went to Gardens by the Bay. Every year, for the past FIVE years, I’ve always visited Gardens by the Bay. No, it’s not because I love Gardens by the Bay that much, but there’s always something or someone that made me go. This year, though, is because of the SingapoRediscovers voucher that allows locals to get attraction tickets while supporting local tourism businesses.

We chose to visit Gardens by the Bay because I wanted to see the pretty Christmas decorations in Flower Dome. This year’s Poinsettia Wishes, which is the theme of the holiday decorations, features European-holiday style.

The main display is a reimagined Gouda by Candlelight, a.k.a Kaarsjesavond, which is an iconic landmark in the Netherlands that is famous for its annual Christmas light-up.

Nothing screams more Christmas than the Nutcracker soldiers! Oh I really adore Christmas Nutcrackers.

Alongside the Nutcrackers, you will also spot these little mythological creatures called Nisse in front of the small village houses. Their looks are like a cross of garden gnomes and Santa Claus!

Pretty poinsettia from above. You will see this plant everywhere here since it’s the main plant featured in the theme. This plant is commonly used as Christmas floral displays around the world.

The sign that will hopefully be a history in the future. Because of the COVID-19 situation, visitors are required to wear a mask at all times including during photo taking.

The photo-taking with mask on!

On my way to the exit, I spotted these handmade snowglobes made out of mason jars. I find them very pretty and whimsical.

Happy holidays!


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