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Winter in Sapporo

I will never get sick of seeing winter pictures, especially of a city as charming as Sapporo.

Compared to Hakodate, Sapporo is way colder but also more lively. The city is bigger and busier as it is the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture and also the 5th largest city in Japan. However, when the snow started to fall, there would be lesser people outside as the temperature could drop to -8°C.

The snow in Sapporo was pretty intense when I was there. The photos below were taken on the same location in only a few hours apart.

Noticed how the snow has practically transformed everything in a blanket of white? Even just a boring street has turned into some kind of magical winter scene.

Exploring a new city means taking a lot of pictures! I try to preserve as many memories as I could. I wouldn’t want to forget ever seeing beautiful things in this trip although it wasn’t easy taking nice pictures when the whole time you just want to bury your frozen hands in the pocket.

There are some other interesting places I visited in Sapporo but I guess I will leave it for another post.

Stay tuned!


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